The Apotti ecosystem is a good environment to grow

The Apotti ecosystem is an environment where ecosystem partners can grow

It provides new models of working together to build services for the health care and social care ICT ecosystem. The aim is to help ecosystem partners to come up with new ideas, create pilot projects and commercialise their products. In the Apotti ecosystem, services can be improved through new data that is produced in real time and utilised in new ways.

We are particularly interested in finding ecosystem partners in the fields of eHealth, eWellness and social care who create and require new data. We want to create a culture of fast-paced, iterative experimentation and provide a secure test environment in an online sandbox where companies can test their services with mock Finnish patient data.

The Apotti ecosystem brings together social care and health care in a completely new way. Apotti is the first electronic client and patient record in the world that is shared by social care and health care. Similarly, partners in the Apotti ecosystem can combine their strengths to create social care and health care services designed for today’s needs.

The Apotti ecosystem also provides a unique opportunity to reach vast numbers of clients, as well as social care and health care providers, both in Finland and abroad. The Epic system, the core the Apotti system is built on, is already being used in top-ranking hospitals around the world.

The modular Apotti system integrates several national services including the Kanta Services, the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV) and the national service infrastructure Data Exchange Layer. Through close cooperation with Apotti’s client and owner organisations, services within the ecosystem can be designed to work together and complement each other.

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