The Apotti ecosystem

The Apotti ecosystem offers an opportunity to grow and expand internationally

The ecosystem is a place for experimentation and development. Within the ecosystem it is possible to innovate, test and develop digital social care and health care services.

The Apotti ecosystem provides a unique opportunity to reach vast numbers of clients, as well as social care and health care providers, both in Finland and abroad. It strives to aid the ecosystem partners to brainstorm, pilot and fully commercialize their products.

If a tool or software developed by a third party works in the Apotti test environment, it is compatible with and functions in the international Epic system which is used in many top-ranking hospitals around the world.

When an ecosystem partner gets a client reference from Apotti, it is a strong indicator of Epic integration and therefore a significant aid in entering the global market. Therefore, the Apotti ecosystem offers Finnish health and welfare technology businesses a great opportunity to expand to the international market.

It’s safe to practice in the Sandbox environment

The Apotti system can be complemented with innovative health and welfare technology applications. The most important technical tool for the integration testing of these applications is the Sandbox environment (Apotti Online Sandbox) which is, in essence, the Apotti system without real patient/client data.

The Sandbox environment has been in use since spring 2023, and the ecosystem partners can test their services with so called synthetic data which is artificial Finnish patient and client data. Services can benefit from new data that is produced in real time and utilised in new ways.

Työpöydän yllä on heiluvat asiaa selittävän henkilön kädet, läppäreitä ja toimistotarvikkeita.


Apotti ecosystem is a place for functional and content-based cooperation as well as a place for software testing and practice.

The practical tool for interface and software testing as well as practice is the Apotti Online Sandbox . We recommend the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) interface technology.

Are you interested?

You can join the Apotti ecosystem by contacting us at and setting up a meeting to present your service or application. The cooperation between Apotti and the ecosystem partner will then become tighter and more specified according to a defined process.

The goal of the process is to verify the benefits of the service or application for social care and health care professionals who use the Apotti system and to confirm the technical integration capacity of the ecosystem partner.

There are already over a hundred Apotti ecosystem partners. Welcome on board!

Don’t hesitate to be in touch!

  • Apotti Online Sandbox instructions

    The Apotti Online Sandbox is a tool for interface testing as well as technical software testing and practice. We recommend the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) interface technology.

    More background information is available at the end of these instructions.

    In these instructions we presume that you are already familiar with FHIR interfaces and SMART Launch. A good source material is the page and especially the Documentation tab.

    Please also note, that we give instructions to the so-called standalone launch, i.e., starting your app without access to the Apotti end user interface (Hyperdrive). Access to this environment is limited by restrictions set by Epic. Apotti will help you in a separate phase when it becomes topical to embed your application into the end user interface or to the Maisa client portal.


    • Create App.
    • Give the application the needed FHIR/CDS Hooks recourses. If you know exactly what you need, select the appropriate ones. If you aren’t sure, select all.


    • Click the ”Save & Ready for Sandbox” button in the bottom of the screen and the service generates production and non-production Client IDs.


    • If you wish, you can test the non-production Client ID after a technical lag against the Epic Sandbox environment. Please note, that the Epic Sandbox contains American model data that differs from the Finnish data provided by Apotti.
    • When you wish to enter the Apotti Sandbox (Apotti Online Sandbox), click the ”Save & Ready for Sandbox” button and forward the “non-production” Client ID to Apotti to Please note, that your application’s Client ID rights will be locked at this point, and later adjustments require that you create a new app.
    • Request Apotti to download a Client ID to the Online Sandbox.
      • Send an e-mail message titled “Requesting a Client ID download to the Apotti Online Sandbox” to
      • Apotti will download the Client ID to its own Sandbox environment (Apotti Online Sandbox). The Client ID will take a day to activate, often even less. You will receive an activation notice by e-mail.
      • At a later stage you can take advantage of the Epic App Market ( according to the service price level of your choosing.
    • Acquire a provider or patient User ID.

    Your application can then start using the Apotti Online Sandbox FHIR interfaces. After this our technological, content-based and functional network cooperation will deepen phase by phase.

    Conduct Guidelines

    • Do not cause unnecessary harm to the Sandbox database even though it is reset to its original state regularly.
    • Do not cause denial of service attacks against the Sandbox.
    • Do not violate the immaterial rights of Apotti, Epic or any other partners.
  • Background information

    Epic is the software system at the core of Apotti and therefore the Client ID is retrieved from FHIR practice helps ecosystem partners reach the global Epic market.

    Apotti Online Sandbox is an Apotti system containing artificial Finnish patient and client test data and therefore it’s possible to experiment and test without compromising patient and client safety.

    The Apotti Online Sandbox encompasses the entire social care and health care sector covering also social welfare services and primary health care in addition to specialised medical care.

    • Available FHIR recourses and Finnish profiles pinpointed from the data
      • Epic supported resources:
      • Finnish profiles:
      • In addition, Epic’s Web Services and traditional HL7 V2 and CDA


    Different launch options

      • Standalone launch (see instruction higher above)
        • The application will launch outside of the Apotti end user interface.
      • Professional EHR Launch – Hyperspace/Hyperdrive
        • The application is embedded in the end user interface where it will get the intended context when launched.
        • Apotti offers a model application of this kind (browser interface JS/Angular, server Java/Spring).
        • The Apotti register lines restrict the EHR Launch in the Uusimaa region at the moment. For instance, a specialised medical care provider (HUS) cannot search their patient’s primary care information in the Apotti system.
        • Epic’s IPR restricts the access to Hyperspace.
      • Patient Facing Launch of patient/client
        • The application has been embedded in to the Maisa (MyChart) client portal, with DVV (Digital and Population Data Services Agency) authentication.
        • Server to server.
        • More detailed information about this will be provided later.

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