We constantly strive to develop our corporate culture

Our employees enhance our corporate culture

In addition to their own duties, our employees have the chance to get involved in other activities, such as the Green Office or change agent task teams. Change agents are a group of Apotti employees from various teams. They participate in different development initiatives and also encourage others to get involved and to make new and improved practices a part of everyday life at Apotti. Change agents have helped to create workplace ground rules and organised workshops to further develop our corporate culture. All our employees are encouraged to express their interest in becoming a change agent.

To pursue a more agile Apotti, we are also implementing the SAFe framework. We want to create a learning organisation – an organisation where individuals and teams have more self-direction and control over their work, and where the management of the company and its people is more transparent. By making our processes and practices more agile, we aim to achieve better job satisfaction, better quality, enhanced efficiency and faster services for our clients, and as a result, higher customer satisfaction.

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