We constantly strive to develop our corporate culture

The Apotti culture is created together

We want to make Apotti a workplace where everyone feels at home, and where everyone can openly grow, develop, and challenge themselves at work. Here everyone is treated as an individual and everyone’s personal values are respected, as one of our core values is satisfied people.

Company culture is created together, which is why we encourage Apotti employees to participate in developing our practices and making them a permanent part of our work life. Meaningful work, collaboration to find solutions, and good team spirit are important to us. Together we can build Apotti into a tight-knit community where everyone can find joy and be successful in their work.

We’ve organised our operations based on the SAFe framework. We aim to create an agile workplace community where teams have more authority and self-direction as well as opportunities to grow and develop. The goal of our actions is improved job satisfaction, faster turnaround times for our customers, efficiency, and quality, ultimately resulting in improved customer happiness.

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