Apotti’s patient and client portal Maisa allows patients and clients to digitally manage services, appointments and information, as well as communicate with health care and social care professionals. With Maisa you can manage your services and appointments and review your information anywhere and anytime. Maisa is used in the social care and health care services of the city of Vantaa. In addition, it is used in a number of HUS (Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa) units.


”Maisa brings public social and health care services directly to your phone.”


You can access Maisa with a web browser or on your phone with a mobile app.

The mobile app is available for downloading in the IOS and Android application stores. The digital portal and the Maisa app will enable you to more easily keep track of your health care information and communicate with your care or service team in an easy and secure way.

Maisa will send you reminders about appointments and notify you of new messages or test results. You can choose to receive notifications by e-mail or SMS or through the mobile app.

The Maisa portal allows you to

• ask for advice or ask to be contacted
• review and supplement your health care information
• view test results
• book and cancel appointments
• answer questionnaires prior to your appointment
• save self-monitoring results (e.g. blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, exercise)
• connect with a professional through a video appointment
• renew your prescriptions without having to log in to My Kanta Pages (Omakanta)

You can easily prepare for your appointment in advance by filling in related medical history and symptom questionnaires.

Anyone 18 years old or older can authorise someone else to act on their behalf in Maisa.

Maisa will be gradually implemented in the whole Apotti region. Maisa brings digital social care and health care services to a shared portal.