Apotti’s customer portal, Maisa, is a digital channel for conducting affairs between professionals and municipality residents. With Maisa, residents are able to conduct their or their families’ affairs regardless of time of day or location. Maisa will be deployed first in Vantaa and HUS Peijas Hospital in November 2018.


”Maisa brings public social and healthcare services directly to your phone.”


You can use Maisa with a web browser or even on your mobile phone. This allows monitoring one’s own social and healthcare information and communication with the designated treatment team can be completed securely with ease.

When a resident activates authorised user authorisation for his or her family and adds them in Maisa, the resident is able to book the entire family’s appointments, enrolments, cancellations, and review test results all at once.

Maisa provides reminders of upcoming meetings, new messages or even ready test results. If so desired, the resident can obtain reminders via email, mobile application or text message.

In the Maisa portal, a resident can:

  • review and supplement their social and healthcare information
  • review their test results
  • fill out survey, e.g. well-being indicator for adults
  • ask professionals for advice for their condition or services
  • book new appointments for visits and monitor and review upcoming events
  • answer surveys before appointments or a customer meeting
  • digitally pre-register for an appointment
  • fill out digital symptom questionnaires, which make handling matters digitally easier if the symptom is, for example, a headache or urinary tract infection
  • communicate on a need for services to one’s own healthcare centre, from which they will contact the person
  • save personal test results (e.g. blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, exercise) for monitoring self-treatment
  • utilise remote healthcare appointments, i.e. video appointments
  • new prescriptions in Omakanta


Maisa will be deployed in the whole Apotti area. The Apotti members are the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), Helsinki, Vantaa, Kirkkonummi, Kauniainen and Tuusula.