Apotti provides effective social and health care services


A shared electronic record will allow social and health care administration to jointly measure, improve and manage social care and health care services, which will help to keep increasing costs under control.

The total cost of building Apotti and deploying it in specialised health care, primary health care and social care will be 408 million euros for 50,000 users (the currently estimated number of users). Investment costs include all the necessary licenses, all the development work including extensive integrations, a technical operating environment (including server rooms) with high standards of information security, user training with associated support materials and learning environments, and more. When the go-lives have been completed in 2022, system expenses (i.e. optimising, maintenance and investments) will be financed through customer invoicing.

In accordance with the shareholders’ agreement, Oy Apotti Ab earns zero profit. The expenses entered in the profit and loss account (production costs, general and administrative expenses) will be covered through invoicing the owners. Expenses entered in the balance sheet are covered with loans and equity investment.

The operating costs of the Apotti system – i.e. updates, continued development, maintenance, support and training – are estimated at 60 million euros per year. This corresponds to 1.2% of total annual expenditure on social care and health care. The operating cost for each Apotti user is approximately 1,200 euros (per user/year). If calculated per individual resident of the municipalities using Apotti, the monthly cost of the system is just under 5 euros/person.

There is also a significant cost savings potential to be realised through more effective targeting of services as well as online services for citizens, such as the Maisa client portal.


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