Apotti ecosystem


Apotti ecosystem in a nutshell


The Apotti ecosystem offers new forms of cooperation for building social and healthcare IT services within the IT ecosystem. We want to promote innovation, creating pilots and full-scale commercialisation. The services in the Apotti ecosystem can be improved using new, real-time information that is utilised in a new manner.


”A good, interesting service can grow to its full potential in the Apotti ecosystem!”


We are particularly seeking data producers and those who need new information in the eHealth, eWellness and social services industries. Our goal is to create a fast-paced and iterative experimental culture.

The Apotti ecosystem combines social and healthcare sectors in a completely new way. Apotti is the first shared information system in the world that combines social and healthcare services. In the same manner, operators in the Apotti ecosystem are able to combine their forces and work together to create social and healthcare services of the future.

We also offer the possibility to reach both customers and social and healthcare professionals in an unparalleled scale – first in Finland, then internationally. The Epic information system that operates at the core of Apotti is already in use in top-quality hospitals around the world.

The modular entity of Apotti brings together national services and other widely used systems in Finland, which creates a well-functioning operational network. We work interactively with new service providers: the ecosystem services develop to support and supplement one another.


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