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Apotti in figures

• population coverage 1.6 million

• approximately 35,000 professional users consisting of healthcare and social services personnel

• thousands of healthcare and social services professionals have participated in creating specifications and planning, the purchasing process and product comparisons

• the price of the system is EUR 385 million *

• implementation and adoption will take 4.5 years


*The price includes the system’s user rights, implementation and adoption projects, maintenance, support and new versions of the system for the contract period of 10 years. The total cost estimate of the project also includes acquiring the service operation and internal labour. The payback period according to the cost-benefit analysis is seven years. The costs associated with the current non-functional patient record systems are approximately EUR 45 million annually.


• 29 hospitals, 37 healthcare centres, tens of social services offices

• the benefits are approximately 4 % of the total costs of social and healthcare services

• the total costs of the complete system are approximately EUR 43 million annually (includes support, maintenance, operating service, new versions, internal annual labour), while the costs of the current system is approximately EUR 45 million a year

• ownership percentages of procurement units: HUS 44.9 %, Helsinki 37.1 %, Vantaa 12.7 %, Kirkkonummi 2.4 %, Tuusula 2.3 %, Kauniainen 0.5 %